Orange County Council

Advancement Master Documents

These documents are for the exclusive use of the Orange County Council, Boy Scouts of America Advancement Committee.

  1. Blue Card Replacement Policy 12-19-18 | BlueCardReplacementPolicy7-10-2020
  2. Eagle Scout Service Project Fundraiser Policy 10-10-18
  3. Council EBOR Policy 10-10-18
  4. BSA Advancement
  5. MB-Days-Overview_12-19-18
  6. Merit-Badge-Day_Application-Instructions_10-26-21
  7. Fillable Merit Badge Counselor Application_12-149-18
  8. Merit Badge Day Application Supplemental Policy 10-25-2018
  9. Items To Include In Group Merit Badge Day Flyer10-10-2018
  10. MERIT-BADGE-DAYS-Position-12-19-18
  11. bsaadvancement-eagle-packet
  12. 2 Letter 2 Eagle Candidate 10-10-18
  13. EagleScoutCoachGuidelines2-3-20
  14. bsa advancement-mbc
  15. Group Merit Badge Day Certification 12-19-2018
  16. MB-Days-Training-Outline_9-25-19
  17. 1EagleScoutProcessingChecklist 9-25-19
  18. 2019-LifeToEagleTraining-SPANISH-2
  19. 3Letter2Parents12-6-19
  20. bsaadvancement-rankadvancement-1
  21. 2019-LifeToEagleTraining-2
  22. 2020 OCC_MB_DayCoordinatorTraining2-2-20
  23. Merit-Badge-Day-Pre-Requisites2-3-20
  24. Covid Eagle Projects
  25. Virtual Merit Badges
  26. Corona Virus Summit Extension Form
  27. Corona Virus Eagle Extension Form
  28. Eagle Board of Review COVID 19 Protocols
  29. Participant Health Screening Checklist


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