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Popcorn Sales

Selling Popcorn is Important!

There are plenty of good reasons for your Scouts to take part in the annual popcorn sale. Scouts can earn money for camp and activities throughout the year. Scouts also learn valuable skills like teamwork, goal setting, time management, and salesmanship – just to name a few. Scouts gain confidence and a sense of accomplishment, the popcorn sale is not about selling popcorn, it’s about promoting Scouting!

Selling popcorn also helps the Orange County Council raise money for improving our camps properties, offering more extensive training for our volunteer leaders, and keeps program and activity costs down. Best of all, there is NO upfront cost to your Unit to participate!

2022 Sales Timeline

DateItemAction Needed
Sat 7/23Online Trail's End training for new and returning Popcorn Kernels Complete Training
Wed 8/3Unit Popcorn Kernel Training at 7:00pm on ZoomAttend
Sat 8/6Unit Popcorn Kernel Training at 8 am at Irvine Outdoor Education Center (in person training)Attend
Note:Units who have a representative attend council popcorn training will receive 35% commission
Mon 8/8 & Tues 8/9For scout who sold $10,000.00 plus in last year popcorn sales have the opportunity to select two storefront locationsLog in to TE Leader Portal and claim your storefront locations.
Wed 8/10 & Thurs 8/11Trail’s End Storefront Bookings Open for For scouting units to select 2 storefront locationsLog in to TE Leader Portal and claim your storefront locations.
Fri 8/12 onwardOpen for units to select any open locations.
If you know you will not be using a selection, please open the location up to other units.
Log in to TE Leader Portal and claim your storefront locations.
Fri 8/26Your first popcorn order is dueDistribution for that order on Sat 9/17
Sun 9/25 Your second popcorn order is dueDistribution for that order on Sat 10/8
Fri 10/28Popcorn Returns
Mon 10/31 Take Orders are due Distribution for that order on Sat 11/19
Note:Distribution will be at the OC Food Bank again this yearAppointment Required
Thurs 11/10Unit account closeout at Roundtable Attend the November Roundtable for your District. District Webpage
Note:There will be 35% commission for units who have a representative attend the Council training.
The Council training and Trail's End webinar offers so much more information so please register soon.

Popcorn Pantry – Popcorn Swap

During the Popcorn sale, you may encounter a need for more product or have some extra product that hasn’t sold as quickly as you thought. Help out your fellow Scouts and EXCHANGE!

You can go to the Popcorn Pantry on Facebook to post a need for the excess product. This is a closed group so you will need to ask to join, sign up early so you don’t have to wait! If you’re not on Facebook, don’t worry! Your District Kernel can help get the word out. Use the Transfer function in the popcorn system to complete the transaction. All units should confirm cases are full and the product is in perfect condition at the time of the Exchange. Only full cases can be exchanged, no single items.

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