Orange County Council

Membership Resources

Sustaining strong membership in a unit depends not only on having new members join the unit but also on engaging youth and their families in the unit experience so that they stay. The role of the New Member Coordinators is to ensure that both of these keys to success take place.

Additional Resources

  • Unit Finance Guide Book
  • Adopt-a-School Program
  • Pin Your Unit
  • Learn how simple and effective marketing tools can lead your Unit to register more Scouts! Click here to view the PowerPoint.
  • Scouting can be a bit overwhelming for new parents, so give them a hand with the Cub Scout Parent Guide! This handy booklet is packed with information to help your new parents get acquainted with Scouting and make the most of this fun program with their family. Printed copies are available from the Council, or take a look at a digital copy here.
  • Get your new Cub Scouts started on the trail with the Bobcat Book! Everything your Scout needs to earn his Bobcat Badge in one simple activity book. Download it here.

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